Virtual Show

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If you think this is just David's regular show but performed remotely . . . think again.

If you think watching some magic on YouTube renders this obsolete . . . think again.


David's virtual shows have been specially designed and crafted to accommodate the necessary conditions.

There are many aspects of this unique experience that cannot be experienced in any live show and are only made possible through the virtual medium.

You can rest assured that the magic will be as powerful and entertaining as in any of his live shows, that he will be as charming, humorous and interactive as ever, and best of all, there is a built-in intimacy to the virtual nature of his shows that can't be beat. Oh . . . and you can enjoy all of it from the comfort of your own home!

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If a live show does not work for you, please consider this option.

You will not be disappointed.

Please get in touch now to discuss the details of your event.