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Celebrity magician, David Gabbay, Adam Sandler, testimonial, Los Angeles

"David is amazing! He added the entertainment to our high school dance doing "walk around" magic. I am a parent that helped at the dance and was impressed not only with his magic but with how he engaged the kids that were sitting at the tables. It got the kids talking and kept their interest which is really cool. I would definitely hire him for a party of my own in the future."

-Cynthia J.

"We had David perform at our wedding banquet. I know it sounds quirky, but it was perfect! While all the guests were waiting for the evening to start, David went from table to table and did some close-up magic. All the guests loved it! And it was a great way to keep the guests entertained. We were so thrilled to have David at our banquet.

David also performs at the Magic Castle regularly. My husband and I have seen his magic many times. And every time, we're amazed. He also puts on his own shows, and we've seen two. They would really fun and engaging.

No matter how many times I see it, I still have no idea how it's done. David is very creative and professional. I would hire him again for future parties without a doubt."

-Lok Man F.

"David was a fabulous addition to our daughter's 21st birthday cocktail party.  From the very start when gathering information about his close-up show David was quick in corresponding and easy to talk to.  He was a surprise guest for my daughter, all of her friends and our family.  The 45 minute show was wonderful from start to finish!!  All of the guests were completely engaged the entire time.  David was professional and in touch with the audience of about 35 people.  I would recommend him for any event."

-Amanda P

Celebrity magician, David Gabbay, Olivia Wilde, testimonial, Los Angeles

"Saw David perform at a friend's wedding and it was awesome. Close up magic where you can see everything and still have no idea how it's done! What's makes the show though is how funny and engaging he was for the whole performance.

I would definitely recommend him for any kind if function: weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, or just a cocktail party."

-Nima A.

"We had the rare opportunity to get essentially a private show for our group of 6 at the Magic Castle and loved every minute of it.  A castle knight was taking us on a tour, and she called David over to give our little group a show and he was more than happy to oblige.  I love close-up magic and David is a master.  He will start his tricks with you thinking they are going to be run of the mill, but they end up taking an interesting or unexpected twist.  We still can't wrap our heads around the coins firing UP into his hand.  In addition, his dry comedic style adds a lot of laughs and fun into the performance.
I would hire David in a heartbeat for any event, and I hope I get the chance to see him work again at the Castle!!"

-Paul S.

"I recently hired David for my mother's 90th birthday celebration that brought together 55 members of my family.  He performed at each dining table, engaging all of the guests, including very young children, with his distinctive brand of magic. His performance varied from one table to the next, keeping everyone in suspense.  We asked David to stay for cake/coffee if he had the time.  He agreed to do so; in addition to his formidable skills as a magician, all of the guests appreciated his friendliness and engaging personality."

-Eugene A.

Celebrity magician, David Gabbay, Robin Leach, testimonial, Los Angeles

"I hired David a while back to perform for me and a group of my close friends. He did not disappoint. Not only did he dazzle us with his superb magic skills, but he also brought his own music tracks! His presentation is incredibly thoughtful and detailed. Would love to hire him again for another occasion."

-Charles D.

"David is a class act! I belong to a non profit that hired David for his magic performance recently as was very pleased. David is energetic, funny, polite, and very, very entertaining. He came to me as a referral from another Magician I met at the Magic Castle, and David was exactly what we were looking for. He was very professional which helped a lot. He showed up early and even stayed much later than the amount of time we paid him for. Rather than running out, he stayed and mingled with the audience. He did an awesome job, and his magic was outstanding. I have been to the Magic Castle many times so I am familiar with a lot of the typical illusions and sleight of hand tricks, but David did a lot of stuff I had never seen before. I also understand he has come up with many tricks of his own. David was well worth the cost, which I have to say was quite affordable. I will be recommending him to others and certainly looking forward to having him come back and entertaining our group again. Thanks David!"

-Scott P.

"Met David when our mutual friend asked me to see him perform. I couldn't believe I was actually going to a magic show but David is phenomenal! His performance is fantastic and he does a great job interacting with his audience. He also keeps the crowd laughing which keeps the energy up! Every time I see him at the Magic Castle he is always accommodating and takes good care of me. Great guy, always a true professional, and gifted at his trade.

Definitely love David Gabbay!"

-Dylan C.


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David Gabbay is an extremely professional, responsible and reliable performer. He is always early to shows, well dressed, pleasant to work with and, best of all, he does lots of incredible magic.

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