Who Is David Gabbay?

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Growing up in Los Angeles, “show business” was never a foreign term to David. At just 17 years old, David had already been accepted as a member of the exclusive and prestigious club, The Magic Castle, in Hollywood, CA, and performed his magic for their audiences. He remains in constant demand there and is hired to perform in their showrooms numerous times each year;

a privilege even many seasoned professionals yearn for. It is there, under the critical eyes of some of the world’s finest magicians and top celebrities, that David has honed his sleight of hand and showmanship skills to perfection, and has developed a highly charismatic, fun and engaging personality to complement his magical performances.

Today, with more than 20 years of performing experience under his belt, and a fresh brand of magic he can call his own, David has become one of the most sought-after magicians in the Los Angeles area. He has wowed hundreds of audiences literally across the country; from the world-renown Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, to Monday Night Magic, the longest-running off-Broadway show in New York City, NY.

Although much of David’s professional career is spent performing for live audiences, his magic has transcended the “live and in-person” realm through a number of television appearances. He had an exclusive spot on the Science Channel’s “Through the Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman, he was featured on ABC’s “Nightline,” and he created and performed completely original tricks for Nickelodeon’s ad campaign. With just the click of a button,

David’s magic has reached thousands of people around the world.

David Gabbay Magic nickelodeon, TV, theater, stage
David Gabbay Magic theater stage show, wonderlust, hollywood

In addition to David’s constant performances for private bookings, in recent years he has hosted a few of his own one-man theater shows at various theaters in Los Angeles. His first theater show, “Caught In A Miracle,” played to sold-out audiences at the Elephant Stages in Hollywood, CA. Following the success of this four-week run, he wrote and performed two more completely original shows; namely,

“Bijan the Magijan: The Exotic Deceiver” and, his most recent show, “Wonderlust.” He is currently developing an all-new theater show that is scheduled to debut in 2020.


While David’s talent is well-known within the magic community, his talent is recognized by some of the other performing-arts industries as well. He was the opening act for the rock band, The Polyphonic Spree, during their California tour, which included a star appearance at Hollywood's Fonda Theatre. He has also had the privilege of meeting and performing for many of Hollywood’s top celebrities.


David’s professional airtime has not been confined within the North American border. He has graced the open seas with his magical presence, sailing "the world's most awarded luxury cruise," Crystal Cruises. Aboard their ships, David has traveled to many foreign countries and has performed magic in all corners of the globe.

His magic has also been featured on the popular French television show, "Échappées Belles."

The audiences David performs for primarily consist of non-magicians; however, he has a considerable amount of recognition and a well-deserved reputation within the magic community too. He has a number of magic awards to his name, including an award for “Best Close-up Magician” from the famous TAOM convention in San Antonio, TX, and an award in “Walk-around Magic” from the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.


In addition to these accolades, David is known for the original magic he has created and shared with his peers.

Besides the numerous books, DVDs and downloads that he has released for sale, he occasionally travels to cities around the U.S., where he delivers live lectures to his fellow magicians. He is regarded as a highly original thinker, creator and performer in today’s magic industry.