David Gabbay
Magical Entertainer for Events

David offers 3 basic show types.  Use this as a guide to best decide the type of entertainment that is right for you. David also creates customized shows to suite your needs.  For more information, please contact David.


 Strolling Magic

This type of magic is perfectly suited for cocktail hours and events that require a flexible form of personalized entertainment.  David mingles with guests while presenting intimate personalized magic shows for small groups at a time.  This is the perfect icebreaker creating interactions and shared experiences with all who attend.  The benefit of this type of magic is guests get their own individualized magic show performed just inches away.  Think of it as the tapas of magic shows.  David works seamlessly in any event situation, from art openings and product launches, to private events and corporate gatherings.  In 2010 David became an Academy of Magical Arts strolling magic award winner. Walk-around or strolling magic is a great addition to almost any event, heightening the magical atmosphere.  This is magic at its purest form, engaging, enlightening, and simply breathtaking.


Close-up Magic Show

 David has quickly become known for his unique style of formal close-up magic.   This is pure close-up sleight of hand magic that culminates in a stunning climax that must be seen.  David blends knowledge of magic classics with modern approaches to create unique routines never before seen.  This type of show is perfect for groups of 10-50, creating a shared intimate experience that will last for years.  This show is a longer version of the act David performs regularly in The Close-Up Gallery of The Magic Castle.  David Gabbay’s creative brand of close-up magic has been showcased throughout the country and in September 2011, he traveled to San Antonio, TX to win the award for Best Close-up Magician. 

 David’s close up shows can be tailored from 25 minutes to 60-minutes.  His act consists of creating the extraordinary around the ordinary. Rubber bands, coins, cards, and even tic-tac mints come to life as they levitate, change, and disappear in the most stunning ways.  His show is full of audience participation, strong magic, and sensible humor.  David can perform this type of show in almost any living room or small banquet to create an intimate theater setting.  This is perfect as an after dinner addition where everyone watches the show together.



Stand-Up/Stage Show

 This type of show is perfect for larger audiences of 50 or more, and showcases David’s larger pieces of magic from his acclaimed theater show.  “Caught In A Miracle,” David’s 60-minute one-man theater style magic show, played to sold-out audiences for a 4-week run, in the intimate setting of the Elephant Theater in Hollywood.  This is unlike any other magic show; as David works with his surroundings, commanding common objects to perform impossible feats, revealing mental thoughts, and with the help of the audience, break through the barriers of time!  This type of show is David’s rendition of unique magic as a theatrical art. Variations of this breathtaking stage show can be presented in a large living room, banquet hall, or on the stage of a theater. David can perform varying lengths of his show, presenting a 10-minute excerpt, or the full 60-minute performance. Contact David to find out more about how he can create the perfect stage show for your event.